Policy Dialogue: Education for Shared Societies

The World Leadership Alliance – Club de Madrid is launching a new initiative called ‘Education for Shared Societies’, aiming to mobilize political will around a Global Agenda that channels the key messages of Shared Societies and Preventing Violent Extremism into the education field. By means of a policy dialogue held on 16-17 October in Lisbon (Portugal), the WLA-CdM will convene its members, senior representatives and experts from other partnering organizations to outline global policy recommendations stressing that formal and non-formal education can lead to inclusive, and more peaceful societies.

The policy dialogue on Education for Shared Societies will deliberate on the following three pillars: Inclusive education for migrants and refugees, Education for preventing and countering violent extremism, Digital resilience for shared societies.

The WLA-CdM is developing a long process of advocacy of the Global Agenda on Education for Shared Societies identifying several international, national and regional fora where the agenda will be presented.