PM Shipley encourages investors to move in the green direction

Club de Madrid Member Jenny Shipley (Prime Minister of New Zealand, 1997-1999) has participated this week in the First Global Investors Forum on Climate Change in Hong Kong where she addressed the need to move political will to foster investments in climate change and sustainable development projects, emphasizing that we have talked so much about the climate change problem during the last years, and we must focus on the needed solutions.

PM Shipley has encouraged the Forum participants to move in the green direction, and be courage to invest in green projects and technologies even if the return rates are not as higher as they may expect. Nevertheless, these kind of investments will help that the enormous amount of people in the world that do not have access to electricity will be able to turn on the light.

Another key message from the panel was that current leaders should also look at the long term solutions, and work for the sustainable society they aim at in 10 years. During the last two days investors representatives met in Hong Kong to explore climate related risk and investment opportunities in the region and to examine ways to scale up investment in low carbon businesses and adaptation measures. The forum made a strong emphasis on the practical benefits of climate analysis, collaboration and engagement.

In this regard, the Club de Madrid and the P80 Group Foundation are working to mobilize the political will that is needed to put in place the different vehicles that will allow pension and sovereign wealth funds invest in green technologies.