Prime Minister Bondevik promotes dialogue between main actors involved in city planning of Southern Kyrgyzstan

The mission conducted several meetings with the main actors and led a one-day seminar in Osh, a city severely damaged during the June 2010 spread of violence.  The delegation met with the main political authorities in the region, including Melis Myrzakmatov, Mayor of Osh city; Taalibek Zikirov, Deputy Gobernor of Osh region; and Jusupjan Jeenbekov, first Deputy Director General of the State Directorate for Reconstruction and Development of Osh and Jalalabad.

During the meetings, they discussed and promoted ideas related to inclusive urban planning, ethnic sensitive approaches to this challenge and transparency of the process. All the political leaders expressed their willingness to address the reconstruction and development or southern cities without discriminating part of the population, following national laws and mandates from the government.

The one-day seminar celebrated in Osh city served as a platform for dialogue between local authorities, architects from the region and Bishkek, City Council members, city-planners, and civil society organizations. Experts Angeby and Hulchansky made presentations sharing their experience in urban development in Stockholm and Toronto, with the participation of several members of international organizations working in the region (UNDP, DRC, UN), The statements served as a base for dialogue, as well as facilitate dialogue between local and regional architects and technicians. They showed their interest trough practical questions directed to the experts and initiated a debate on inclusive urban planning in Kyrgyzstan.

Member Bondevik also participated in the taping of a TV program in national broadcasting channel under the theme of “Coalition building and power sharing”. The program had a debate type, and, besides Bondevik, included Danyar Narymbaev, Permanent Representative of the President in the Parliament, and Tamerlan Ibraimov, political analyst and Chairman of the Board of the Center for Legal and Political Studies in Bishkek. The dialogue was about the Norwegian experience in power sharing and the achievements and challenges of parliamentarian system in Kyrgyzstan.

The delegation also met with international organization’s representatives (OSCE, UNDP, UN, DCR, ICG, UNHCR), with members of EU Delegation in Kyrgyzstan and Ambassador Chantal Hebberecht, Head of the EU Delegation, and with Chinara Jakypova, director of the Institute for Public Policy.