The Club de Madrid before the good commencement of the democratic Processs in Haiti

We congratulate Michel Martelly on his election as President of the Republic of Haiti. We wish him success; we hope the triumph of his endeavors shall support the building of a better future for all Haitians. The responsibilities of public office are many, the work very demanding and the challenges exacting, we will be available to support the new President whenever our political democratic leadership experience is needed and useful.

The Club de Madrid wants to publicly show its appreciation for President Préval and Prime Minister Bellerive who have served their country in such difficult times. Club de Madrid members have come to know both leaders closely and know of their exertions and their struggles during their intricate mandates. We can relate to those difficulties and that is why we want to send them our consideration and highest respect. Former leaders embody a wealth of knowledge that should not be lost and needs to be engaged beyond political parties and personalities. All leaders face criticism, critique is at the heart of democracy. But criticism falls on those that have shown commitment and courage by acceding into public office and leaving from it.

We now call on all Haitians, whether in civil society, in the private sector, in parliament or in the civil service; we call on children and youth at school, university students, those Hatians that from abroad yearn for their country, and also the elderly, and those that feel disadvantaged because of their disabilities or because they feel discriminated against; we call on all, men and women of Haiti to raise their heads even higher and look towards the future Haitians wish for themselves and make their contribution to make that future a reality.

The Club de Madrid remains committed in supporting Haiti with Haitians.