The Paris Agreement enters into force. Now, it’s #ActionTime

From today, ever-increasing climate action becomes an accepted responsibility and a central part of the sustainable development plans of all countries,” In just 15 years and as greenhouse gas concentrations and global average temperatures continue rising, the world will have to realize “unprecedented reductions and unequalled efforts to build societies that can resist rising climate impacts”. Paris raised hopes for a better, more sustainable future. Our energies must now center on effectively limiting global temperature rise to 2ºC, pursuing an even tougher target of 1.5ºC .

Once again, the Club de Madrid urges world leaders to exercise the political will needed to move forward in the implementation of the Agreement. 97 countries – including the US, the EU, Brazil, Canada, China, India and Indonesia- have already ratified the Agreement and, while commendable, recent reports indicate that current commitments will not be enough to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. We’re on the right track and the Agreements’ “early entry into force is a clear political signal that all the nations of the world are devoted to decisive global action on climate change” but countries must still act on its implementation, ensure that climate finance will reach people in the poorest, most vulnerable countries and seriously cut back on greenhouse gas emissions

Preparations to accomplish what was agreed in Paris last year will start during the Conference of the Parties (COP22), in Marrakech, next week. This opportunity must not be taken for granted and the Club de Madrid calls on world leaders to act on their commitments. Developed countries must take the lead, “undertaking economy-wide absolute emission reduction targets”, mobilizing climate finance and providing the resources needed to assist and facilitate the engagement and effort of developing countries in achieving their mitigation and adaptation targets, both essential for a truly sustainable development.

The time-table is pressing, thus we encourage world leaders to design and implement development strategies with a long-term vision, envision capacity-building ideas, and reinforce climate resilience while respecting the transparency framework established in the Agreement. The Club de Madrid, is once again ready to put the experience and convening power of its Membership to help mobilize the political will needed to achieve the purpose and goals of the Paris Agreement. It is #ActionTime.