What your Leaders do Matters: Demand Action in Favour of Social Inclusion

  • 90% of countries have a population of at least 10% minorities. How to handle diversity effectively and constructively is one of the greatest challenges our political representatives are currently facing.
  • Club Madrid declares a call to action for our leaders to actively address and promote social inclusion. The members of Club Madrid – 75 former heads of state from 55 countries – in addition to Nelson Mandela, Kofi Annan, Javier Solana, Sonia Gandhi, and cities like Cordoba, Rotterdam y Stockholm, among others who have recently been added to our ranks. Join the cause!

       Diversity is an indisputable reality in our world. Diversity has the potential to serve as a great source of wealth or as an excuse to appeal to discriminatory tendencies and actions. Our political representatives can either choose to build a better common future for everyone or to exploit differences among people by resorting to scare tactics in order to strengthen their own political networks.

       In reality, societies are more prosperous and pacifist when both political leaders and citizens acknowledge and celebrate the value of diversity and actively promote a cohesive society in which all members derive a sense of belonging, stability and security; a society that respects the dignity of each person, protects human rights, and offers to each individual equal opportunity.

       A strong political will is key to the creation of an inclusive society. The long term costs and damages caused by social division can only be overcome with the support of a political leadership that recognizes the social and economic benefits of a cohesive society. We need the support of political representatives who actively promote policies and best practices that respect and celebrate diversity and create opportunities to bring people together around common projects and goals.

       A cohesive society is not only necessary, but possible; many examples in Madrid, Norway, the United Kingdom, Nigeria, Canada, Kazakhstan, Rotterdam, Indonesia, Brazil, Egypt, etc. have shown this to be true.

      When an economic crisis exacerbates the tendency to scapegoat those in society who are different from us, a conscious political leadership is more critical than ever.

       We invite you to add your voice to the call made by Club Madrid, other world leaders, and hundreds of citizens who are petitioning their leaders for an increased political prioritization and commitment to the goal of creating a safe world of difference.



The Club of Madrid responds to the demand for leader-to-leader support to confront today’s global, regional and national democratic leadership challenges. It is an independent organization dedicated to strengthening democratic values and leadership around the world by drawing on the unique experience and resources of its Members –more than 70 democratic former Heads of State and Government from 50 countries who contribute their time, experience and knowledge to this mission. The Club of Madrid’s membership constitutes the world’s largest forum of ex-Presidents and ex-Prime Ministers and offers today’s leaders an unequalled body of knowledge and political leadership.


The Shared Societies Project is a Club of Madrid global initiative that provides leaders with greater understanding of the benefits of social cohesion, the incentives and means to act to advance it. The project supports democratic development through promoting leadership for dialogue, diversity and social cohesion. The project is designed in the belief that societies are most likely to be peaceful, democratic and prosperous when leaders and citizens recognize the value of diversity and actively build a shared society.


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Communications Coordinator
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