“When women are given the tools, they have a broader impact on eradication of poverty”

The former President of Malawi delivered a powerful speech in which she advocated for women and youth inclusion and empowerment as key actions for African prosperity: “when women are given the tools, they have a broader impact on eradication of poverty”. She highlighted the reduction of maternal mortality by 30% during her mandate as Health Minister in Malawi as an example of societal success through improvement of women participation.

President Banda stressed how education must be a key element to give youth a chance to succeed, highlighting employment initiatives for women and youth for the eradication of hunger. She mentioned that by “investing on Human capital for youth and girls and developing educational and vocational training, we will be able to accelerate inclusion” As well as improve human dignity and reduce poverty.

She also addressed the urgency of improve resources management in order to achieve inclusive growth in Africa and concluded her intervention by making a call for a “more accountable, transparent and inclusive leadership”, highlighting good practices in African countries such as Sierra Leone and Botswana where the good management of the resources is an example for the entire continent and generations to come.

The intervention of President Banda was preceded by Amina J. Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, who expressed that “eradication of poverty remains the greatest global challenge poverty”. She also added that “eradication poverty means building synergies with different sectors and economies at country level and transform 2030 agenda into reality”.

Juan Somavia, Director of the Chilean Diplomatic School and Shared Societies NetPLUSS Member was also invited by ECOSOC to join the afternoon session of the Integration Segment as panelist. Mr. Somavia gave a comprehensive speech on the need for the SDG policy integration process: “policy integration is a combination of policies that converge on a goal, object or target by maximizing the contributions on the multidimensionality of interaction on social and economic development.” He highlighted the example of the Latin America region which is being very active on implementing Agenda 2030.
President Banda later had a private meeting with the Deputy Secretary General to discuss ongoing co-operation.

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