Date and Place of born:

Born in Mahdia, Tunisia on April 12th, 1962; Mehdi Jomaa is married and a father to five children. He received his engineering degree from National Engineering Institute of Tunis.

Professional Career:

In 1989, he started his professional career at Hutchinson – TOTAL Group in France. He specialized in Aeronautic Systems and worked on several programs dealing with Defence and Aerospace industries. His areas of expertise are strategy, international business management and transformation leadership.

Political Career:

In March 2013, he was appointed Minister of Industry of Tunisia. He initiated several policy changes including : New energy strategy with an increasing mix of renewable, high-added value industrial policy, rationalisation of energy subsidies, culture change and social responsibility in Tunisian large industrial groups.

In January 2014 and after several months of an acute political crisis, which stalled the transition process, he was elected by the National Dialogue Committee to become the Head of Government in charge of completing the transition process with the ultimate objective of organizing the country’s first general and fair elections under the new Constitution.

During his tenure of office, he restructured and enhanced the capabilities of the security apparatus for a more efficient response to terrorism, and launched the national economic dialogue to build national consensus around priority fiscal and structural reforms. In September 2014, aiming to promote FDI in Tunisia he came with the concept of “Start-up Democracy”. As Head of Government he introduced an innovative governance approach based on a trilogy of “Vision, Strategy and Leadership”.

Mehdi Jomaa is holder of Tunisian Order of the Republic and German Order of Merit. He was awarded the 2014 Amadeus “Man of the Year” from Morocco.

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