Celia is part of the Programme Department where she contributes to the preparation and implementation of projects to promote reflection on the significant challenges and opportunities for democracy and global governance around the world.

Before joining Club de Madrid, she worked at the Embassy of Mexico in France at the Multilateral Affairs and Human Rights Department, where she developed her passion for human rights affairs. While working at the Islamic Culture Foundation she participated in different research studies. In 2018, she joined Club de Madrid and worked as an Events and Programmes Assistant, where she started developing her career in an international sphere. 

Celia holds a Dual BA in International Relations, and Translation and Interpretation from Alfonso X “El Sabio” University, in Madrid, and a MA in International Development Cooperation from The National Distance Education University of Spain (UNED). She moved to South Korea for a semester where she attended classes at Ewha Womans University at the KOICA Master’s Program in International Studies and Development and was granted an Erasmus scholarship to study for a year abroad at the Institut Catholique de Paris.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/celiahernandezcebrian/