The world is facing today a myriad of challenges in the midst of a rapidly changing reality.

Furthermore, it is confronted with a danger of sliding into a downward spiral of unbridled contest and power politics. But there is an alternative. We have to craft a path that will lead us to an equitable, secure and sustainable system of global cooperation and renewed multilateral institutions, fit for purpose in the 21st century and resilient against future disasters.

The proposals from Multilateralism Must Deliver stem from the premise that multilateral cooperation is not an option; but essential for the preservation of our societal values and the resolution of transnational challenges related to peace and security. Through collective leadership and strong willed action, we believe that humankind is capable of transcending existing challenges, building bridges, re-establishing trust and working actively and responsibly to manage systemic global risks.

Among its many proposals, Multilateralism Must Deliver calls for increased participation, inclusion, local ownership and capacity from global institutions;  for an empowered WHO with strengthened authority, enforcement capabilities and resources; for a new World Summit for Sustainable Development to reaffirm social, economic and environmental commitments in light of COVID 19 consequences; and for a new globally agreed set of norms and measures to enable improved global connectivity and data flows, and better internet management.