Multilateralism and Global Cooperation

Shaping a Rules-Based International Order

Across all areas of WLA–CdM’s engagement, whether under Next Generation Democracy or Shared Societies, the existence of a strong, inclusive and rules-based multilateral system for the global community to articulate common responses to common challenges is a key underpinning.

Yet, the last few years have seen a weakening of multilateral efforts to tackle major global issues, from migration to climate change. While Agenda 2030 provides a globally-endorsed framework for sustainable development, an increasing number of political actors from countries large and small, in all regions, are calling for national-grown approaches rather than globally- or regionally-agreed solutions to a widening range of policy issues. With the multiplication of transnational phenomena that put a strain on democratic values, the weakening of the multilateral system heightens our concern for the preservation of an enabling global environment for democracy to take root, consolidate itself and deliver.

In the next strategy cycle, WLA-CdM will make it a strategic priority to promote and defend an enabling global environment for democracy, including by supporting the multilateral system as the guarantor of inclusive, consensus-based and sustainable policy responses to transnational challenges. The growing sense of urgency around global issues requiring coordinated policy action, such as climate change, calls for renewed multilateral collaboration. We will also foster dialogue with and among global powers to encourage their mutual understanding on critical global issues, particularly those affecting the possibility to advance democracy around the world. This will lead us to engage with countries who may not endorse the values and principles of democracy, yet exert a key influence on the global context that will allow democracy to flourish or perish in other parts of the world, and can be key partners in tackling transnational threats.


Dialogue between China and the World

Dialogue between China and the world encourages mutual understanding on critical global issues, particularly those affecting the state of the multilateral system as a contribution to enhanced international cooperation.

Multilateralism Must Deliver

The world is facing today a myriad of challenges in the midst of a rapidly changing reality.

Supporting UN and Regional Organisations

Fostering a renewed global governance system and more cooperation among countries requires a reform mindset that allows us to overcome current institutional constraints.

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