UN General Assembly adopts landmark political declaration on the future of the UN system

The United Nations celebrated its 75th anniversary on 21 September 2020 adopting a declaration that culminates a long process of gathering civil society and key stakeholder’s views on the future of multilateralism and the UN system. At a time when humankind faces quasi-existential threats, there is a pressing need to intensify global cooperation in order to face our mounting challenges, many of which are global in nature. 

The declaration adopted today, (here and thereafter, UN75 declaration) compiles the collected views into a series of guidelines set to steer the process of reforming the United Nations and inspire change in other multilateral institutions.

These are the guiding principles of the UN75 declaration. You can read the full document below: 

We will leave no one behind;
We will protect our planet;
We will work to ensure peace and security;
We will abide by international rules and norms;
We will place women and girls at the center;
We will build trust;
We will promote the use of new technologies for the benefit of all;
We will upgrade the United Nations;
We will ensure financing;
We will boost partnerships;
We will listen to and work with youth; and
We will be prepared.


Access Declaration

Club de Madrid, led by its Members, has been organising a series of initiatives that contribute to the UN75 roadmap. Today we stand convinced that we must celebrate past achievements and acknowledge institutional shortcomings. But, most importantly, we need to design an institutional setting that breathes new life and reflects new realities, one that allows us to shape humankind’s common future. This is why Members of Club de Madrid have been taking many actions to support the UN75 initiative (among them, supporting this UN75 declaration in a  letter), all of which you can access here