Dialogue between China and the World

Dialogue between China and the world encourages mutual understanding on critical global issues, particularly those affecting the state of the multilateral system as a contribution to enhanced international cooperation.

The Imperial Springs International Forum provides a new window for the world to understand and engage with China. Since its founding in 2014, ISIF has become an important platform where Western and Chinese leaders and experts openly discuss and exchange their opinions, bringing results to other countries and regions.

Members of Club de Madrid participate in the conference and are part of a delegation which presents the Forum’s conclusions to the President of China, Xi Jinping.

Imperial Springs International Forum

The Imperial Springs International Forum (ISIF) provides the setting to engage in an open dialogue between experienced political leaders from across the globe, Members of Club de Madrid, and top Chinese leaders. During the event, they, together with a select group of international and Chinese experts, scholars and private sector representatives contribute to the discussion on how to make the global governance system fit for purpose in a changing and sensitive geopolitical landscape.

The need for a reflection on the way to shape and reshape the normative order is what has driven the creation of this forum, held for the first time in 2014. Chinese leadership will engage with global political leaders, expert practitioners and scholars and they will address three fundamental drivers of the latter – peace and security, trade and finance and environmental sustainability – analyzing how best to unleash their full potential for inclusive, sustainable and peaceful development in a renewed, global normative order.

The need for a shared vision is the inevitable first step in the development of a system that can be accepted as legitimate by all, that takes into account the interests of states and their citizens, and that balances these with the requirements of regional and global stability and progress, and that leaves no one behind.


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