Imperial Springs International Forum 2021

After skipping the 2020 edition due to COVID-19, Imperial Springs International Forum returns this year in a hybrid format focused on Multilateralism 2.0: Global Cooperation in the Post-Pandemic Era. All organisers believe this is a vital issue at this unprecedented moment in time when national interests and great power rivalries have been seriously undermining international cooperation and the multilateral system.

 Club de Madrid and its partners – the Australia-China Exchange and Friendship Association, the Chinese People´s Association of Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Provincial Government of Guangzhou – are convinced of the importance of maintaining this unique platform of dialogue between Chinese and international leaders and scholars.

This year’s Forum will gather more than 15 Club de Madrid Members and more than 40 international experts, all of whom will connect remotely. Chinese political and thought leaders will be participating from Imperial Springs.

Join ISIF 2021 online for a discussion about innovative ideas, new strategies and different forms of association to breathe life back into the multilateral system5,6 DecemberStarting at 9:00 CET / 16:00 CST


Imperial Springs Programme

5 December
16:15-17:45 (CST)
09:15-10:45 (CET)
03:15-16:45 (EST)
Breakout Session 1: Economic and Social Development and Climate Change: Realizing the 2030 Agenda
Breakout Session 2: Unconventional Global Challenges and Responses

6 December
09:30-11:00 (CST)
02:30-04:00 (CET)
20:30-22:00 (EST – Sunday) 
Breakout Session 3: Public Health and Global Cooperation, Building a Community of Common Health for Mankind
Breakout Session 4: Responsibility and Action of Leaders and the World’s Future
09:00-10:30 (CET)
03:00-04:30 (EST)
Breakout Session 5: Upholding Multilateralism and Reshaping the Global Governance System
Breakout Session 6: Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery, Revitalizing Globalization


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