Supporting UN and Regional Organisations

Fostering a renewed global governance system and more cooperation among countries requires a reform mindset that allows us to overcome current institutional constraints.

The equitable, secure and sustainable multilateral system fit for the 21st century that we advocate for can only be achieved with constructive proposals for the reform and institutional growth of the United Nations and Regional Organisations.

The aim of this project is to contribute towards an effective intergovernmental system by strengthening key institutions, such as the UN and the EU, enabling them both to play more significant global roles.

At the request of the UN Secretary General, António Guterres, Club de Madrid has contributed its own report on the follow-up to the commitments adopted in the UN75 Declaration. It contains concrete proposals for UN institutional growth with the aim of fostering an  inclusive, networked and effective multilateralism as the best resort to address global challenges both today and in the future. Club de Madrid is also contributing proposals of EU institutional growth in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe.