Bachelet Calls for “Real and Effective Equality” on International Women’s Day

Former president of Chile and Club de Madrid Member Michelle Bachelet has given a speech on the occasion of the celebration of International Women’s Day, this March 8, in which she calls for “real and effective equality” and sends a clear message: “Women’s freedom is unstoppable”.

Bachelet, who was UN High Commissioner for Human Rights until mid-2022, highlights in her speech that inequality “continues to mark women” and calls for digital advances “not to forget half of the world’s population”.

“Thirty-seven percent of women around the world do not have access to the Internet in the so-called digital era,” laments Bachelet, who explains that this translates into fewer job opportunities and a more limited knowledge of the world. This reflection is no coincidence, as the UN dedicates this year’s IWD to fighting the digital gender gap and celebrating those women who are pushing for progress in this area.

She asks us not to forget those women who risk their lives demanding freedom. She also makes a resounding condemnation of those who do not allow women to live in freedom.

President Bachelet highlights that she has “dedicated her whole life to fight for women’s rights”, becoming the first Executive Director of UN Women, and explains that she feels “especially honored” to belong to a group like Club de Madrid together with other women who have broken barriers. Club de Madrid has among its Members 20 women who have been heads of state or government for the first time.

“From Club de Madrid we work every day to build a world in which women around the world can be free. And we will continue to do so until we achieve it,” said Bachelet.