Cassam Uteem highlights inclusive approach to SDGs implementation at UN Public Service Forum

Our member and former President of Mauritius, Cassam Uteem, spoke at the UN Public Service Forum 2018 held in Marrakech on how ideas contained in Club de Madrid’s (CdM) longest living project, Shared Societies can inspire the implementation of Agenda 2030. President Uteem acknowledged the work of public servants worldwide and outlined how a Shared Society should respect diversity and different cultural traditions of public service, thus fostering an implementation of our SDG’s that is inclusive and respectful to our planet.

“All governments and political leaders should realise that they can do little without public servants”, said President Uteem at the forum. He spoke at the opening plenary under the title What governance for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

President Uteem encouraged participants at the Public Service Forum 2018, the highest level global gathering under the auspices of the United Nations to address issues related to public governance and administration, to have an open and frank discussion on the current challenges faced by public administrations, such as the systemic transformation that Agenda 2030 is promoting in public servants’s culture. The CdM member said that the ideas of the Shared Societies project can instigate this paradigm shift.

The Public Service Forum brought together between 600 to 800 participants – Ministers, senior government officials, mayors, audit institutions, civil society representatives, academia, the private sector, and representatives from international and regional organizations – to discuss how to transform governance and innovate the way governments, institutions and public administrations are organised and work. Is is organised annually by the Division for Public Institutions and Digital Government (DPIDG) within UNDESA, and this year was hosted by the Kingdom of Morocco through its Ministry of Administration and Civil Service.

This SSP mission also held a bilateral meeting with Mr Liu Zhinwin, Under Secretary General for Economic and Social Affairs. Member Cassam Uteem and the rest of the CdM staff took the opportunity to confirm the commitment of the Members to support the innovation and governance transformation of institutions and public administrations.