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International Financial Architecture Reform and Financing for Development (IFA-FfD)

Recent years have witnessed unprecedented turmoil affecting both human and planetary well-being. Climate change, coupled with challenges such as war, poverty, digitalization, and inequality, has created a global crisis that demands immediate, decisive, and collective...

Club de Madrid Secretary General Visits Abu Dhabi to Strengthen Engagement with UAE

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 10 April 2024. Club de Madrid, the independent, non-partisan, non-profit organisation created to promote good governance, global cooperation, dialogue and advocacy on issues of global concern, embarked on a visit to strengthen its...

Michelle Bachelet becomes Vice-President of Club de Madrid and Moussa Mara joins the Board of Directors

The former President of Chile and former UN High Commissioner for Human Rights takes over from Laura Chinchilla at the world’s largest forum of former democratic presidents and prime ministers, which Sanna Marin also joined in April 2024

The Voice and Value of Democracy

The Global Democracy Coalition has initiated a project spearheaded by Club de Madrid aimed at transforming the prevailing narrative and countering recent negative perceptions of democracy

The immense legacy of Ricardo Lagos

The immense legacy of Ricardo Lagos

We will never be able to thank Ricardo Lagos for what he has done for democracy and human rights. What we can defend is his legacy and the dignity of all human beings as Lagos did

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