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Nobel Peace Prize Alexánder Cherkasov talks with Club de Madrid

“Club de Madrid can have a large impact by defending and supporting activists and political prisioners to revalue democratic values. The work of these organisations is extremely important nowadays”

Bachelet Calls for “Real and Effective Equality” on International Women’s Day

Michelle Bachelet calls for “real and effective equality” and sends a clear message: “Women’s freedom is unstoppable”

Club de Madrid stands with the people of Ukraine

10th January 2023 - Video: Club de Madrid's Annual Policy Dialogue | End the war in Ukraine "End the war in Ukraine: Restoring Ukraine's territorial integrity and enabling its economic and social reconstruction whilst crafting a European security architecture premised...

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Violence against women is one of the most widespread human rights violations in the world.

Emerging Tech & Geopolitical Challenges

Emerging Tech & Geopolitical Challenges

Club de Madrid Members Esko Aho (Prime Minister of Finland, 1991-1995) and Zlatko Lagumdzija (Prime Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2001-2002) participate in Ecosystems 2030 Summit in La Coruña (Spain)

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