Proposal for an International Anti-Corruption Court

What is the proposed International Anti-Corruption Court, how would it operate, and how would it fill the existing enforcement gap?

To explain that, Club de Madrid Member Hanna Suchocka (Prime Minister of Poland, 1992-1993) participates in the roundtable ‘Addressing the Enforcement Gap: Proposal for an International Anti-Corruption Court’ in the frame of the World Justice Forum, in The Hague.

The event, which will take Peace Palace in The Hague,  will include:

1) A discussion on why there is a need for an IACC to address grand corruption.

2) A discussion on how the IACC would operate, including discussion of complementarity, extraterritorial jurisdiction, head of state immunities, the gathering of evidence, and more.

Tune into the event at 3pm CEST June 1:


  • Former Polish Prime Minister and Club de Madrid Member Hanna Suchocka
  • Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra 
  • U.S. District Judge and Chair of Integrity Initiatives International Mark Wolf
  • Deputy Registrar of the International Court of Justice Jean-Pelé Fomété
  • Co-Chair of the Campaign for an International Anti-Corruption Court Maja Groff, Esq.
  • Founder of Youth Against Corruption in Lebanon Serena Ibrahim 
  • Moderated by anti-corruption analyst Bianca Bolaños of Mexico