Emerging Tech & Geopolitical Challenges

Ecosystems 2030 is the premier interdisciplinary forum for top executives, senior engineers, thought leaders, innovators and futurists to explore the ecosystems emerging over the next 10 years from technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, Fintech, 3-D Printing, Robotics and Virtual/Augmented Reality. The forum is focused on the upcoming opportunities and challenges these technologies present and offers important insights on how to transform organizations and remain relevant in the next decade.

Club de Madrid Members Esko Aho (Prime Minister of Finland, 1991-1995) and Zlatko Lagumdzija (Prime Minister of Bosnia & Herzegovina, 2001-2002) participate in the keynote panel ‘Emerging Tech & Geopolitical Challenges’ to try to resolve questions like:

-What are the impacts – negative and positive – of emerging technologies on geopolitical challenges?

-How does what happen in the geopolitical world affect/impact emerging technologies?

-How can emerging technologies help better address geopolitical challenges?

Follow the event live on June 3, 11 AM: