Mr. Aho was a Member of the Finnish Parliament 1983 – 2003. He chaired the Centre Party 1990 – 2002 and was Prime Minister of Finland 1991 – 1995.

After political career Esko Aho served as President of the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra 2004 – 2008 and thereafter he served as Executive Vice President for Corporate Relations and Responsibility at Nokia Corporation and was a member of its Executive Board till 2012.

Esko Aho served as Executive Chairman of the Board at East Office of Finnish Industries 2013 – 2019 and Chairman of Cinia Oy 2017 – 2023. Furthermore he served as elected member of the Executive Board at the International Chamber of Commerce 2013 – 2019. He acted as Chairman of the Board at ICC Executive Board Policy and Commissions Committee for four years.

Currently Esko Aho is Chairman of the Board at China Office of Finnish Industries. He is a member of the JP Morgan Advisory Council for Europe, Middle East and Africa. Esko Aho also is an advisor to several international and domestic companies and communities. Mr. Aho is an invited Member of Club de Madrid, an independent organization of former heads of state and government dedicated to strengthening democracy.

Esko Aho has been active in the world of academia. He has been a Resident Fellow and later Senior Fellow at Harvard University and he has served as an Executive in Residence at Aalto University. Esko Aho holds honorary doctorate degrees from the University of Vaasa and the University of Alberta.

In addition to business life, academia and politics Mr. Aho is a publisher and a writer. He has published more than a dozen books under Verbatum’s label and written five books.