Club de Madrid member Al Eryani and the ‘Arab Spring’

Abdul Kareem Al Eryani (Prime Minister of Yemen, 1980-1983 and 1998-2001) represented the Club de Madrid in the colloquium and reflected, in his intervention, on the developments currently taking place in his home-country and the broader region, and the perspectives on the future of Yemen both in the short and medium term. The roundtable in which he participated dealt with the general perspectives in terms of democracy and peace for the region, and the role of the military on one hand, and the civil society on the other hand, in building a democratic future for and with the Arab nations. M. Al Eryani insisted specifically on the key role both local and international civil society actors will play in bringing about this stable and sustainable future for the people in the region.

Other themes considered in the colloquium were the participation of women in the Arab Spring and the future of the Arab nations, the contribution of the European Union or the role of media, both traditional and new, in magnifying the voice of the people and bringing political change in the region.

Among the distinguished guests, we may highlight Bertrand Badie, Professor of International Relations, Political Science Institute of ParisGerald Sapey, President of Reporters Without BordersAbd al-Monem Abo Al-Fotouh, representative of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood; Lamis Andoni, journalist of Al Jazeera; and Pascal Boniface, Director of the Institute of International and Strategic Relations (IRIS).

Thank you to all the participants and organizers for this successful event.