Club de Madrid & Breathrough Media partners with the EU to improve counter-narrative responses

The event ‘Building Counter Narratives to Violent Extremism: Lessons Learnt from Outside Europe’, will present the outcomes of two EU funded initiatives run by Club de Madrid (CdM) and Breakthrough Media respectively. It aims at providing ideas for public institutions and civil society actors on how to improve responses to violent extremism

Donwload here the Agenda of the half day event in Brussels.

The findings of the CdM project ‘PVE: Leaders Telling a Different Story’ on how to deliver more effective alternative narratives, highlight the need for a scientific evidence-based approach. The segmentation of the audiences, the implementation of alliances between governments, civil society, media and IT companies and the role of women, youth and religious leaders will also be critical in the road for a new, alternative counter messaging.

Check out the ‘PVE: Leaders Telling a Different Story’ outcome document.

Breakthrough Media will present ‘Humanity Lost’ – a counter narrative campaign involving victims of terrorism from Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia and Libya. It showcases engaging stories of victims in order to build vulnerable audiences’ resilience to dehumanizing propaganda. A panel will then discuss how victims can participate in counter-narrative campaigns; why it is important to work with them and how they can be mobilised in these efforts.


Other participants will be counter-narratives expert Javier Lesaca; award winning journalist Samira Shackle; the co-founder of the citizen journalist Syrian group “Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently”, Hussam Eesa and Yasmin Syed, Pakistani victim of terrorism.