Danilo Türk proposes summit to “rescue Agenda 2030”

Speaking at the Symi Symposium, our President, Danilo Türk, approached the topic of a just and inclusive green transition by calling attention to the connecting links between COPVID-19 recovery, the transition to a green economy and the development agenda that all countries in the UN agreed to in 2015. To rescue Agenda 2030, Türk said, we must hold a Second World Summit on Social Development, one of Club de Madrid’s main proposals for the post-pandemic recovery. Watch a summary of his full intervention below.

The Symi Symposium is an annual gathering of global thinkers following the tradition of Ancient Greek philosophers. Led by our Member and former PM of Greece, George A. Papandreou, the gathering brings together in the Greek island of Symi leading intellectuals, politicians, Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs, diplomats, scientists and activists to discuss pressing global issues. Its 23rd edition was held in 11-155 July under the title “Taming the waves of History – Big and Small R-evolutions in the Post Pandemic era”.

Zlatko Lagumdzija gives a speech on Shared Societies at Symi Symposium closing ceremony

“A Shared Society is one in which people are using common sense to live together, sharing responsibility and having a sense of belonging to the same family”, Lagumdzija said.