Jorge Quiroga advocates for a mantained level of the MINUSTAH forces in Haiti

The presidential, legislative and local elections will be the most complex and large-scale elections in Haiti’s recent history. The international community is collaborating with Haitian authorities to help making a success out of this crucial challenge, in terms of security, logistics and compliance with international standards in electoral observation. In this sense, Club de Madrid believes that a maintained force level of MINUSTAH until after the elections will contribute to enhanced security and legitimacy of the whole process, also in the light of increased violence in the last weeks. A positive outcome of the upcoming electoral process is fundamental for the country to progress towards democratic consolidation.

President Quiroga’s agenda will include meetings with United Nations representatives as well as with Members of the UN Security Council and of the Group of Friends of Haiti. These talks will take place days ahead of the Security Council decision, scheduled for the 18th of March, on whether to maintain or reduce MINUSTAH forces as foreseen in Resolution 2180. 


The EU funded project “Promoting Dialogue for Democratic Reform in Haiti” has the following objectives:

  • To identify multi-stakeholder areas for dialogue and negotiation so as to bring together the country’s key players and stimulate collective reflection on commonly identified democratic governance priorities.
  • To accompany Haitian leaders in the management of immediate political challenges and support them in their search for solutions.
  • To promote dialogue on medium and long-term democratic reforms through pragmatic agreements leading to political actions.