Kim Campbell Promotes Political Party Development and Civic Political Engagement in Kyrgyzstan


By meeting with both leadership in one on one meetings and convening a round table seminar with political party representatives, joined by former Latvian Parliamentarian and current NDI Azerbaijan Country Director Alexander Gregorievs, Club de Madrid worked to promote dialogue between and amongst political parties and stimulate discussions on the responsibilities and role of both parliamentarians and political parties inside and outside of election periods to promote and strengthen the democratic processes in Kyrgyzstan. During this mission the delegation also met with international organizations’ representatives  (Soros Foundation, International Crisis Group, UN, OSCE, UNHCR, UNDP), and members of the diplomatic corps.

The delegation met with the Women’s Parliamentary Forum and discussed and promoted the role of women in politics, and Member Campbell gave a lecture on constructive ways to breaking cultural barriers and obstacles as members of minority groups to the OSCE Academy. Member Campbell also gave a TV interview on a NDI sponsored television program known for its political debates and topical political programming and interviews.

The delegation also met with the leaders of several youth movements and stressed the importance of non-divisive party politics and encouraged continued engagement and commitment from the youth sector to work towards building a strong and sustainable future. Member Campbell also met with the drafters of the continually developing ethnic concept (s) to ensure the reinforcement of important work already underway and underscore the importance of interethnic peaceful living, acceptance and harmony, stressing again the absolute necessity for the full inclusion of all minorities in society for a more socially and economically viable nation.

Club de Madrid hopes to continue to engage with all sectors of society to promote a peaceful and successful democratic transition based on free and fair electoral processes, strong civic engagement and increased trust between citizens and their elected government. Club de Madrid Members have the leadership skills and experience that are helpful to support authorities in transitional environments. The presence of former leaders, that have no political agenda beyond assisting democracy promotion and strengthening, creates the space and environment for contending interests to meet and, ultimately, achieve results.This mission is a continuation of the Club’s efforts to consolidate and promote a successful transition to a parliamentary democracy with peaceful interethnic relations. The delegation included Programs Coordinator Ruben Campos, Shared Societies Content Coordinator Clem McCartney, Program Officer Arwa Shobaki and Club de Madrid High Level Field Officer Zarona Ismailova