Lacalle leads a LEND webinar on financing of political parties

Dr Peter Hack Former MP, Hungary, law professor and board member of Transparency International will also be a presenter at the webminar. Maria LeissnerSecretary General of Community of Democracies will moderate the discussion. The audience consists of educated English-speaking LEND participants in Moldova and Tunisia who work on democratic transition issues. Most LEND participants come from the ranks of government, civil society, and politics.  A few of them work in the private sector.  

The main objectives will be: 

The objective of the webinar is to offer the following points for consideration to the audience:

  • Without a proper law on the financing of political parties combat against corruption cannot be successful;
  • Proper law on the financing of political parties seem to be against the interests of political parties on the surface, but in reality it is in the strong interests of all democratic political party;
  • While introducing proper laws on political party funding is often seen internally as a mission impossible, international practices show that solutions exist, they are feasible and they serve the genuine interest of the whole society;
  • Opposition to reform on political party funding can be defeated;
  • It is never late to introduce proper political party financing laws.

How to join in the discussion:

Visit the webinar’s event on Google+ at  or our YouTube channel  on Tuesday, June 24, at 7:00 pm CET. The discussion will last about 40 minutes. You are welcome to join in the discussion or ask questions!

Learn more about the LEND project here