Lagumdzija brings Shared Societies to young leaders of the Euromed region

The former Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Zlatko Lagumdzija, spoke at the first First Virtual Marathon Public Dialogue organised by the Annah Lindh Foundation. Lagumdzija said the concept of Shared Societies developed by Club de Madrid offers a framework “for emerging young leaders to influence policy and affect change in their communities on matters of social justice and inclusion”.

By convening this Virtual Marathon, the Annah Lindh Foundation highlights the importance of Intercultural Dialogue to build sustainable societies in the EuroMed region.

Below is ‘Generation #Insta: The New Faces of Positive Social Engagement in the EuroMed region’, the outcome report of this First Virtual Marathon Public Dialogue.

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The ALF is organizing a series of 7 weekly Public Dialogues, the backbone of the Virtual Marathon. They will engage key participants and will be open to the public, around issues crucial for the Euro-Med and the world: intercultural dialogue for sustainable societies, digital tools for cross-cultural communication, the intersection of cultural diversity and climate change, Arts and Education for intercultural cities, youth and social engagement, Euro-Med Women and Dialogue, gender stereotypes, partnerships and collaborations.

Each Public Dialogue will set a series of key questions around the topic, invite participants to address them, and finally open the floor for discussion.