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Club de Madrid addresses climate change challenge in its Leadership for Net Zero report

Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica (2018-2022) and Member of Club de Madrid, has presented the report to the King of Spain, President Sanchez, Vice President Ribera and Minister Albares. Club de Madrid calls for collaboration between governments, business and civil society to prioritize climate goals

Just released: Final report from Club de Madrid’s Global Commission on Democracy and Emergencies

With democracy indicators at historical lows, it is imperative for democracies to draw lessons from their COVID-19 experience to face future emergencies more effectively and democratically.

Lagumdzija brings Shared Societies to young leaders of the Euromed region

Each Public Dialogue will set a series of key questions around the topic, invite participants to address them, and finally open the floor for discussion.

Club de Madrid proposes urgent Social Development Summit to meet SDGs and fulfill UN75 Declaration

Multilateral efforts and global cooperation proved to be essential tools during the international response to COVID-19, a shared global challenge. If anything, a lack of effective cooperation exacerbated the spread of the pandemic and delayed solutions. The crisis has...