Principles for Equity during Global Crises

COVID-19 has been shaking societies around the world for over a year, disrupting lives and livelihoods in all countries. But some of us have been feeling the disruption more than others. OXFAM has dubbed COVID-19 the inequality virus, seeing how it has exposed and amplified inequalities of wealth, gender and race. For the first time in recorded history, inequality is bound to increase in almost every country at once – unless we do something about it, and we do it now.

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In October 2020, in their General Assembly, the Members of Club de Madrid – over 110 democratic former Heads of State and Government from over 70 countries – adopted a declaration of Principles for Equity During Global Crises. A principled approach, with equity at the center, is necessary to guide an effective and equitable response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is also crucial to build back better, with social inclusion as a pillar of our collective resilience to future crises, in line with our aspiration for Shared Societies.

Hear about the Principles from Club de Madrid Members and Partners

Over the last year, Club de Madrid Members and partners have emphasized the importance of these Principles in numerous policy discussions and fora. Each week we will upload a new video on a new principle.Throughout March and April 2021, on #EquityThursdays, we will upload a new video presenting their thoughts. Listen to what they have to say!

Principle 1 – Inclusive Public Health

Inclusive public health is critical for containing the pandemic and ensuring the wellbeing of all.


Principle 2 – Inclusive Economies

Inclusive strategies are needed to strengthen the resilience of the most vulnerable populations and the broader global economy.


Principle 3 – Inclusive Discourse

Respectful standards for inclusive discourse are required to protect vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.


Principle 4 – Multilateralism for social inclusion

Multilateral, global efforts to prioritize social inclusion are critical for the effectiveness of coordinated strategies for the pandemic and future efforts to transcend global crises.


Principle 5 – Inclusive Participation

A reinvigorated focus on democratic participation and social
inclusion is key for moving beyond the COVID-19 pandemic towards a more responsive and resilient capacity to address global crises.


More Club de Madrid Initiatives on Equity in the Post-COVID Era

  • People’s Vaccine Alliance – Club de Madrid is working together with UNAIDS and others to present to the global community a realistic strategy that ensures a fair and universal access to vaccines, with particular attention to the challenges that low-and-middle-income countries face when it comes to a global and equitable vaccination process.
  • Shared Societies Project – Club de Madrid has been working for over 14 years, in partnership with the Alan B. Slifka Foundation, to build Shared Societies – inclusive societies in which all individuals have equal opportunities to contribute and express their differences, while integrating their voice in the broader population, with a common sense of belonging and responsibility.
  • -Club de Madrid is working on a Global Commission on Democracy and Emergencies, which will formulate recommendations, based on the COVID-19 experience, to enhance the ability of democracy to function, to deliver, to be trusted and to command the enduring commitment of citizens in the midst of emergency situations. Its deliberations will reflect views from democracies around the world. We will soon share more information about this initiative on our website.

Initiatives outside of Club de Madrid

In a personal capacity, our Members have also been very vocal in defending an equity-based approach to the health and economic crisis.

Club de Madrid Members’ contributions on the Covid-19 crisis

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