Meeting with Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Government of the State of New Delhi

Members Luis Alberto Lacalle from Uruguay, Andrés Pastrana from Colombia and Cassam Uteem from Mauritius, alongside with Club de Madrid Secretary General Carlos Westendorp, met with H. E. Mrs Dikshit, Chief Minister of the State of Delhi, with whom they shared the Club de Madrid vision and activities. Mrs Dikshit has speadheaded significant initiatives to promote inclusive and open societies including the Bhagdari initiative to promote broad-based civic participation in local Government in the State of Delhi. Dikshit stressed the importance of having a body of former leaders such as the Club de Madrid Members sharing their experience with current ones, and was enthusiastic about future Club de Madrid work in India.

Club de Madrid Members also met with Mr Pachauri, Director General of The Energy and Resources Institute. Dr Pachauri, who has already collaborated with the Club de Madrid in the past, highlighted the importance of the transition to cleaner sources of energy, and women facing the impact of climate change. In his opinion, Club de Madrid Members could help to get the right attention these pressing issues. Dr Pachauri was open to collaborate with the Club de Madrid in the framework of the 2013 Delhi Sustainability Summit.