Members Birkavs and Roman Promote Shared Societies during Second Mission to Kyrgyzstan

During the Second Mission to the Kyrgyz Republic (June 18-23) within the “Political Leadership for Democratic Transition in Kyrgyzstan” project funded by the European Union, Club de Madrid Members worked to provide relevant feedback and recommendations on how to better promote shared communities within the Kyrgyz  Republic by utilizing the best practices and commitments developed by the Club de Madrid Shared Societies Project. This feedback was communicated directly to President Otunbaeva and Members stressed the importance of both developing an action plan alongside the necessary mechanisms for a successful, consistent and broadly supported implementation plan.  During this mission, the Club de Madrid delegation met with President Otunbaeva, Kamchybek Tashiev (Ata Jurt Party), the Deputy Mayor of Osh city Taalaibek Sabirov, Osh Oblast Governor Sooronbai Jeenbekov, General Director of the State Directorate of Reconstruction and Development of Osh and Jalal-Abad Jantoro Satybaldiev and other key political and civil society stakeholders.

Members Birkavs and Roman also met with representatives of the international community (Soros Foundation, International Crisis Group, OHCHR, UNHCR, UNRCCA, UNICEF, OSCE, DRC and ACTED) to ensure the reinforcement of important work already underway in the nation and conveyed to both national stakeholders in Bishkek and Osh, the importance of interethnic peaceful living, acceptance and harmony. Offering leadership experiences during difficult democratic transition periods, Members Birkavs and Roman emphasized the absolute necessity for the full inclusion of all minorities in society for a more socially and economically viable nation. In various meetings with the political leadership, they noted that marginalization will weaken the country and make it less economically viable and more isolated internationally. National unity is the strongest guarantee of a successful future. Increased nationalist rhetoric will only lead to division and will not contribute to a positive and strong future for the Kyrgyz Republic. 

Club de Madrid hopes to continue to engage with all sectors of society to promote a shared society and national dialogue for unity and economic development for a prosperous and peaceful Kyrgyzstan. Club de Madrid Members have the leadership skills and experience that are helpful to support authorities in transitional environments. The presence of former leaders, that have no political agenda beyond assisting democracy promotion and strengthening, creates the space and environment for contending interests to meet and, ultimately, achieve results.

This mission is a continuation of the Club’s efforts to consolidate and promote a successful transition to a parliamentary democracy with peaceful interethnic relations. The delegation included Programs Coordinator Ruben Campos, Shared Societies Content Coordinator Clem McCartney, Program Officer Arwa Shobaki and Club de Madrid High Level Field Officer Zarona Ismailova