Piñera and Pastrana to share good practices on electoral campaigns and political communication in Haiti

Haiti is facing the most complex and large-scale electoral process of its history with presidential, legislative and local elections to be held before the end of the year. The success of fair, transparent and inclusive elections will be crucial to resume democratic stability and order thus focusing all national attention and efforts on the fight against poverty and inequality. In this context, the Club de Madrid will be organizing, with the collaboration of IDEA International, the full day workshop “Electoral Manifestos and Political Communications” as part of the fifth mission of the EU-funded project “Promotion of dialogue for democratic reform in Haiti” (Port-au-Prince 24-26 May). Click here for the workshop agenda

Sebastián Piñera and Andrés Pastrana, former presidents of Chile and Colombia respectively and Members of the Club de Madrid, will lead the workshop (26th of May) along with South African Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, including a keynote speech from Pierre Louis Opont, president of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP). They will present lessons learned in their own countries to the Haitian political actors with a double aim:

  • Support party reflection on strategies for developing electoral manifestos that will contribute to party branding, policy debates and an informed electorate
  • Provide insights and practical guidance on strategies for effective political  communication

The mission’s agenda also includes bilateral meetings with key authorities of the country, including President Martelly and the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), as well as with relevant political leaders from parties Fanmi Lavalas, OPL, PHTK, private sector representatives and relevant international community actors (US, Core Group and MINUSTAH).

Sessions open for the media:

1.30 PMInternational Experiences of political communication during electoral campaigns”

3 PM, Presidents Pastrana and Piñera along with EU Ambassador, Javier Niño, will be giving a press conference at the hotel premises

*The workshop will take place on the 26th of May at the hotel Montana. (Port-au-Prince)