Prime Minister Bellerive of Haiti discusses with Club de Madrid leadership support for the “refoundation” of the State

The Club of Madrid, building on the leadership experience, access and convening power of its membership has produced a proposal to call together a ‘task force’ of its constituents who, in close collaboration with selected high-level advisors, over the next 18 months will work directly with Haiti’s political authorities to provide strategic counsel and support in leading the consensus building process required to achieve multi-stakeholder national agreement on key essential issues for the achievement of national institution-building/strengthening and reconstruction. In the meeting with Prime Minister Bellerive, issues such as elections and the election calendar, constitutional reform or the effectiveness and efficiency of international community engagement were identified as possible areas for Club de Madrid support.

“If you need me to say it explicitly: I clearly agree with the proposition that you have put on the table” the Haitian Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Bellerive expressed his gratitude for such a concrete proposal “in line with the needs of the government and that included topics addressing the Haitian government´s biggest concerns”.