Ramos-Horta, Club de Madrid Member and Peace Nobel Prize leads a dialogue about democracy

Noel Peace Prize and Club de Madrid Member Jose Ramos-Horta will spend next Monday in Madrid and will participate, along with Daniel Kselman, Academic Director of the  IE School of International Relations in an exchange with students moderated by Rubén Campos, Programs Coordinator of the Club de Madrid. The next day Ramos-Horta will fly to Colombia to intervene in the Nobel Peace Prize Global Summit.

First he is an incredibly respected peacemaker and human rights fighter in Asia and worldwide. And second, considering the challenges the region is facing in terms of peace and Democracy (ie. situation in Myanmar and of course the uncertainties we are facing in the China-US relations in the new Trump era)

Apart from that, as a human rights advocator he is very active in the migration front in both Europe and Asia. As a peacemaker he was chosen by former UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon as Timor-Leste Special Representative in Guinea-Bissau (2013) and then in 2015 as chief of the High Level Independent Panel on Peace Operations that made a comprehensive assessment of the state of UN peace operations.