Second Club de Madrid mission to Haiti to foster inclusive elections, dialogue and social cohesion

The initiative was carried out in collaboration with INURED (Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development) as the local partner.

The mission focused on three main objectives which are: accompanyingthe efforts of the Haitian Episcopal Conference to build an inclusive Inter-Haitian dialogue that will bring together all actors and political parties;supporting the holding of free, inclusive and transparent elections in 2014; building confidence among stakeholders on a number of controversial issues. President Lagos‘ past experience related to the processes of democratic transition – is most valuable in the current Haitian context.


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The program comprised institutional meetings (namely with PM Lamothe, the Presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, a selection of deputies and senators) as well as meeting with opposition representatives and civil society.


The project aims at contributing to current national efforts to overcome the political impasse, while promoting, in parallel, an inclusive dialogue to remove structural obstacles to democratic reform in Haiti.

With the support of the EU, a first joint activity Global Leadership for Haiti Reconstruction was carried out in Haiti by the Club de Madridthe in 2010-2012. The programme included seven high-level missions over a 20 month-period. The initiative contributed to democratic and institutional reform.