Statement of the Club de Madrid on the political situation in the Maldives

Members of the Club de Madrid, all former democratic Heads of State and Government, are aware of the progress made in the past few years towards the consolidation of democracy in the Maldives; and call upon all parties to engage in a dialogue that will lead to political reconciliation and democratic elections.

The Club de Madrid welcomes the visit of the Special Envoy of the Commonwealth, Sir Don McKinnon, last week and fully supports his mission. It acknowledges the availability of other actors, including the European Union and India, to assist the people of Maldives to declare early elections to restore trust in the democratic process and to end the political turmoil in the Maldives.

The Members of the Club de Madrid will continue to follow closely events in the Maldives, and are ready to take part in all efforts converging towards a peaceful and viable solution that respects democratic values and strengthens the country’s democratic institutions.