The Club de Madrid congratulates the new Haitian Head of Government and celebrates his will to reach a national agreement

The Club de Madrid, composed of its 87 members, former heads of state of 60 democratic countries, would like to reiterate for the Prime Minister its full support and availability in helping Haiti achieve its reconstruction and development.

Concerning the latter subject, we welcome the Prime Minister and President Michel Martelly´s initiative “pacte du bien-vivre ensemble”, a project that has the potential to bring forth changes desired by different sectors. We are willing to support and contribute towards the success of this Haitian initiative. It consists of a great opportunity that could shape a new democratic and prosperous Haiti, an opportunity we are sure the Haitians will not miss.

We would like to welcome all the social and political actors of Haiti to express good will and put into effect all necessary efforts in order to produce compacts as specific as possible on relevant themes for the future we all wish Haiti and the Haitians.