Date and Place of Birth:

2 July 1942, Mexico.


Mr. Fox graduated from the University of Iberoamérica in Mexico City with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration (1964) and obtained a diploma in Top Management Skills from the Business School of Harvard University (1974).

Professional Experience:

In 1964 Mr. Fox began working as a route supervisor for the Coca-Cola Company. His career with the company developed very rapidly and from 1975-1979 he was serving as Chief Executive of Coca-Cola in Mexico.

After retiring from Coca-Cola in 1980, President Fox returned to his home state of Guanajuato to help run the family business. Being actively involved in the civil society in Guanajuato, Vicente Fox created the Board of Directors of Casa Cuna Amigo Daniel to provide medical care for children. He was President of the Board of Directors of Loyola and a sponsor of both the León campus of the University of Iberoamérica and of the Lux Institute.

Political Career:

In 1988 Vicente Fox joined the Partido Acción Nacional. That same year, he ran for and was elected as a member of Congress representing the III Federal District of León in Guanajuato. In 1995 Mr. Fox was elected Governor of Guanajuato.

The achievements of his mandate as Governor enabled him to run for President of Mexico in 2000. On July 2 and on his 58th birthday, Vicente Fox won the presidential election with 43% of the votes.

During his presidency, Mexico pursued and earned a temporary position in the UN Security Council.

Since leaving the Presidency, Vicente Fox has been involved in public speaking and the construction of the Fox Center, Mexico’s first presidential library.