Policy Lab: Multilateralism, Peace and Security

Club de Madrid, in cooperation with the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), held this Policy Lab on Multilateralism, Peace and Security. By bringing together our Members’ seasoned political perspective, leading international experts, decision-makers, we will find mechanisms that contribute to a multilateral system that sustains peace and prosperity.

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Multilateralism, Peace and Security – Day1

Multilateralism, Peace and Security – Day2

Multilateralism, Peace and Security – Day3


Societies from all over the world continue to suffer the consequences of escalating crisis and the impact of growing worldwide instability. The fact that the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to increasing progress of peace and development demonstrates how exposed our mechanisms to achieve such progress are. This is even more worrying when considering that the UN Secretary General’s Global Ceasefire has not been able to deliver a significant reduction in violent conflict. 

Nevertheless, we need to be aware of the assets in our arsenal. The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a key achievement of contemporary multilateralism, provides a blueprint for global peace and prosperity. The 75th Anniversary of the United Nations is also an opportunity to make today’s multilateral framework better fit to sustain peace.