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WYDE Civic Engagement

Network of Young Decision-makers

Part of Women and Youth in Democracy Initiative

Alejandra Arburola Cabrera

Diplomatic and consular advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica

Active Network Member

From: Costa Rica

Active since: 2023

A young diplomat, feminist advocate, and political advisor inspired by gender equality and education, she has been a social activist for the last ten years. Alejandra has a bachelor’s degree in French, a bachelor’s degree in French teaching, and a master’s degree in Diplomacy, and she is a fourth-year law student at the University of Costa Rica (UCR).

She began her activism in the Student Movement of the UCR and later shed founded the organisation Acción Respeto, where she promoted the presentation and approval of the bill on Sexual Street Harassment and works training workshops, and campaigns, supporting the creation of inclusive public policies on gender equality. From 2015 to 2018, she served as an advisor at the Vice-Ministry of the Presidency Political Affairs and Citizen Dialogue, where she participated in the co-creation of an indigenous consultation mechanism, the request for the OC-24 on LGTBIQ rights before the IACHR Court and the implementation of the National Open Government Strategy.

In 2018, she worked as a sexual gender-based violence prevention officer, at RET International, with migrant and refugee women.

From 2019 to 2022, she worked as a legislative advisor in the office of Congressman Enrique Sanchez Carballo on Human Rights, Security and Higher Education issues. Alejandra developed, evaluated and processed law initiatives at a technical level, projects such as Menstruation and Justice, Extension of the deadline to report sexual harassment, Hate Crimes and Recognition of Migration due to climate crisis.

Alejandra is an alumni of the Change Agents and FESminism programs of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and Young Leaders of Women Deliver. She is currently a member of Global Shapers, the WEF’s youth network and Manifestate, FES’s network of young politicians.

Alejandra Arburola Cabrera Related Activities

From 11/12/2023 to 11/14/2023

Policy Lab Network of Young Decision-Makers 2023- 12 November | “Youth Rethinking Social Development for People and Planet”

The Network of Young Decision-Makers will contribute to the discussions of Club de Madrid’s Annual Policy Dialogue 2023

Date: 06/15/2023

First meeting of the Network of Young Decision-makers

WYDE Civic Engagement Network of Young Decision-Makers brings together a group of exceptional young leaders under 36 years old who are active in politics and in decision-making bodies and who have already reached positions of influence from which they can advocate for greater youth political participation.

From 03/18/2024 to 03/20/2024

Summit for Democracy 2024

Jokate Mwgelo has been the keynote speaker of a panel discussion on March 19th titled “From Success to Inspiration: Youth-led Democracy Initiatives and Their Replicable Impact”