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WYDE Civic Engagement

Network of Young Decision-makers

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Temirlan Sultanbekov

Vice President of the Socialist International; Chairman of Social Democrats (Kyrgyzstan)

Active Network Member

From: Kyrgyzstan

Active since: 2024

I am Temirlan Sultanbekov, Vice President of the Socialist International and Chairman of the “Social Democrats” party in Kyrgyzstan. My political career has been defined by a commitment to social justice, democracy, and effective leadership within both national and international arenas.

Leading the Social Democrats, I spearheaded our entry into parliament in 2021 and secured victories in 7 city councils during local elections, demonstrating our party’s ability to mobilize support and achieve significant political milestones. My role in these successes was not just administrative but also deeply ideological, as I have consistently advocated for a parliamentary form of government. This was particularly evident during the 2020 constitutional discussions amidst a period of intense political activism.

At a relatively young age, I became the youngest Vice President in the Socialist International’s 200-year history. This position underscored my dedication to social democracy and enabled significant achievements, such as facilitating the release of former Kyrgyz president Almazbek Atambayev, with support from international figures including Spain’s Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez. This was a testament to our party’s commitment to justice and the principles of social democracy.

Internationally, under my guidance, the Social Democrats have fostered relationships with organizations such as the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and the International Republican Institute, enhancing our party’s visibility and influence on the global stage. Our recognition by the International Conference of Asian Political Parties and our affiliation with the Progressive Alliance further illustrate our proactive approach to international collaboration and solidarity.

My academic background in economics, political science, and law, enriched by practical experiences in political and academic spheres, has provided a robust foundation for leadership. My involvement in anti-corruption initiatives with Transparency International has reinforced my understanding of transparency, democracy, and human rights, aligning with my advocacy against corruption and for fairness in governance.

My political journey began early, marked by achievements such as winning national history Olympiads and engaging in activism that led to meaningful change within my community. These experiences have shaped my resolve to champion social justice and democracy, principles I am eager to further explore and expand upon through the Network of Young Decision-Makers. I am confident that my experiences and commitment to learning and innovation will contribute significantly to the program and to the broader goals of promoting socio-economic development in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia.