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WYDE Civic Engagement

Network of Young Decision-makers

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Yvonne Wamucii

Office of the Presidential Advisor on Digital Economy, Nairobi

Active Network Member

From: Kenya

Active since: 2024

Yvonne is a dedicated professional with a strong digital economy and policy background. She currently serves in the Office of the Presidential Advisor on Digital Economy, where she plays a vital role in shaping strategies and initiatives to harness the potential of digital technologies for economic growth and development of the Youth in Kenya.

With a deep understanding of the intersection between technology, business, and policy, Yvonne brings her knowledge and expertise to her role. She holds a degree in Environmental Studies and Community Development from Kenyatta University. Her academic background gives her a solid foundation for crafting effective policy recommendations.

Yvonne has demonstrated a passion for leveraging technology to drive innovation and enhance productivity throughout her career. She has been involved in numerous government projects to foster digital transformation across the healthcare, education, and agriculture sectors. Her keen insights into emerging technologies and their economic implications have earned her recognition as a thought leader.

In her current position, Yvonne collaborates closely with government officials, industry leaders, and other stakeholders to develop policies that promote digital inclusion, foster entrepreneurship, and create a conducive environment for tech-driven innovation. She actively engages in research and analysis to identify opportunities and challenges in the digital landscape, working towards solutions that benefit both government and citizens.

Yvonne’s commitment to driving positive change through transformative leadership extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is actively involved in initiatives that promote digital literacy, mentorship for aspiring politicians, and advocacy for diversity and inclusion in the digital economy sector.

With her blend of expertise, leadership, and advocacy, Yvonne continues to be a driving force in shaping the youth toward a digital future of her country, fostering economic growth, and empowering communities through technology.

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