Club de Madrid commemorates International Day of Democracy with a conversation with Helen Clark on the Mega Crisis

In commemoration of International Day of Democracy 2022, Helen Clark – Prime Minister of New Zealand (1999-2008) and Member of Club de Madrid – and El Orden Mundial – the world’s most read international affairs online magazine in Spanish – discuss the current state of democracies in a context of simultaneous crises (food, energy and debt) and their possible solutions, as a starting point for the upcoming Club de Madrid Annual Policy Dialogue “Leading in a World of Converging Crises“.

As part of this Club de Madrid’s podcast, Democracy in Practice, PM Clark and young journalists touch upon different current issues such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine, China’s and the new world order, the crisis of multilateralism, and climate change in our current context. 

“If we look for signs of hope, it is the increasing mobilisation of people”, remarks PM Clark in the podcast. She believes that movements, such as women and youth movements, make the world a better and fairer place and advance democracy around the globe.   







Watch a selection of clips from the conversation below.

Deeply aware of the current mega crisis, Club de Madrid is organising its 2022 Annual Policy Dialogue in partnership with the Liz Mohn Center, an initiative of Bertelsmann Stiftung, bringing a curated list of key stakeholders to Berlin for a timely discussion focused on solutions. 

The Annual Policy Dialogue “Leading in a World of Converging Crises” aims to facilitate, promote and support a set of policy recommendations that will prove effective for governments and multilateral organisations to address the mega crisis of 2022 and effectively respond to these multiple needs in a coordinated manner.

This initiative provides a unique platform for urgently required action-oriented conversations, gathering a carefully curated list of 40 participants, including democratic former Heads of State and Government, thought leaders, policy experts and representatives of governments, multilateral organisations, business and academia with the experience, expertise and access necessary to inform and inspire change.

Read the piece based on this conversation published by El Orden Mundial.