Club de Madrid member Lagumdžija visits Jordan to talk about extremism and the refugee crisis

Following that meeting Prime Minister Lagumdžija visited the Zatari refugee camp, in the North of Jordan, where he met face to face with Syrian refugees. Zatari is the second biggest refugee camp in the world after Dadaab, in Kenya.

During his visit, Mr. Lagumdžija participated in a panel of the first “Debate to Action”, a regional communication and advocacy training that took place in Amman from February 3rd to 18th. The event brought together 24-28 young emerging leaders from across eight Arab countries (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia and Libya).

Hosted at the Jordan Media Institute (JMI), the “Debate to Action” training was co-organized by the Anna Lindh Foundation and Common Purpose International in partnership with the British Council, Club de Madrid and the Euro-Med Media Network.
The programme is the first of its kind backed by a far-reaching institutional partnership, which is providing a platform for Arab youth leaders to engage with professional journalists, senior leaders, and European peers. Thorough this program, the Madrid+10 project, in partnership with the Anna Lindh Foundation, aims to reinforce the role of youth in the Mediterranean as agents of social change and central players in the global policy debate on counter-extremism and radicalization. It also seeks to empower young Mediterranean leaders to make their voices heard on the international policy stage and to build an alternative narrative in the face of negative trends.

The Madrid+10 Project and its Global Consensus framework aim to contribute to the global and regional dialogue process with governments and civil society on a positive alternative narrativeas a preventive tool to radicalization and violent extremism.