Jerzy Buzek participates in a World Bank meeting in Cairo

Under the name “The Relevance of Transparency, Accountability, and Participation Since the Arab Spring”  the conference was organized by the World Bank Group through its Middle East and North Africa Region’s Public Sector and Governance Team. Held the 7-9 of April, it was designed to target Bank staff, civil society, media, and government officials from Arab Spring countries (specifically Libya, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia) to participate in a frank discussion on the relevance of transparency, accountability, and participation in government programs since the transition. The objective of the workshop is to promote learning and understanding of these principles through (1) enhanced understanding of countries’ political transitions from outside the MENA region as well as systemic governance issues; (2) provide advice on how to proactively address governance and anti corruption issues in government programs; (3) create a forum for dialogue among MENA field office staff, CSOs, and government officials on governance issues; and (4) build on lessons learned from the various participants.

Club de Madrid Member and Prime Minister of Poland, Jerzy Buzek, shared his valuable experience and leadership and his own country’s transition experience and relevance at this governance Workshop. Mr Buzek focussed on political economy of governance reforms; building an open and accountable government. Mr Buzek also held meetings with several officials such as Abdelaziem Mahmoud Abselaal Chairman of the Committee on the Development of Manpower and Local Administration of the Shura Council