The Club de Madrid Welcomes its New Members

As for our Board of Directors, the non-renewable completed terms of Members Kjell Magne Bondevik, Kim Campbell, Philip Dimitrov, Vigdís Finnbogadottir, Andrés Pastrana and Cesar Gaviria, the latter as Vice-president, were replaced by Lionel Jospin (Prime Minister of France, 1997-2002) and Cassam Uteem (President of Mauritius, 1992-2002) as Board members, and Jorge Quiroga (President of Bolivia, 2001-2002) as Vice-President. 
Lastly, as recognition of his successful steering of the Club de Madrid Secretariat, the mandate of Carlos Westendorp as Secretary General of the organization was renewed for a period of two years culminating in spring 2014.
We wish to congratulate them all on these new posts!