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WYDE Civic Engagement

Network of Young Decision-makers

Part of Women and Youth in Democracy Initiative

Online Policy Lab: Rethinking Social Development for People and Planet 4 September

This marks the starting point before the in-person Policy Lab in Brazil in November

The meeting on September 4, 2023, set a robust framework for the Network of Young Decision-Makers, defining the key themes and priorities for the upcoming year. With a central focus on prioritizing social development within the context of a new eco-social contract, the Network outlined its commitment to fostering a democratic and just world. The delineated sub-themes, including System Change for Economic Transformation, Social Dimensions of Climate Change, and Shared Societies, underscored the Network’s comprehensive approach to addressing interconnected global challenges, with digitalization and gender equity serving as overarching principles.

President Uteem’s keynote speech emphasized the pivotal role of present and future generations in steering the world toward justice and sustainability. His call for continued education and knowledge sharing resonated with the Network’s dedication to empowering youth as catalysts for positive change. He highlighted the pressing issues of systemic shortcomings, inequalities, and conflicts exacerbated by the global crisis and the climate emergency. He emphasized that CdM provides platforms for such exchanges.

During the session, we heard the presentations of the three working groups, allowing us to reflect on the Network’s perspective and the recommendations put forth by the young decision-makers. In the discussion, WYDE members provided valuable insights, emphasizing the need for an implementation-focused approach and highlighting the severe impacts of climate change, including gender equality and health considerations. The importance of inclusive climate frameworks in challenging regions critical points about supporting young girls, Africa’s recognition of renewable energy efforts, and the need for high-level discussions on migration in Latin America were raised. This marks the starting point; we will have another virtual gathering before the in-person policy lab in Brazil in November, where we will polish the policy recommendations that will come out from this discussion.