Club de Madrid Members will discuss Sustainable Development, Conflict Prevention and Migration at the World Bank Fragility Forum and at the United Nations

Sustainable Development, Conflict Prevention and Migration are three global issues on which our members have much to say. They are also the pillars of the mission “Engaging with World Bank and United Nations on key issues from an inclusion perspective” led by former President of Malawi, Joyce Banda, former President of Bolivia, Carlos Mesa, and former President of Slovenia, Danilo Türk. This is a mission linked to our Shared Societies Project, which aims to promote inclusive and peaceful societies in line with goal 16 of the Agenda 2030.   

As part of this mission, Club de Madrid (CdM) will participate once again this year at the World Bank Fragility Forum in several panel discussions on “Managing Risks for Peace and Stability”, the overarching theme of the current edition. These are the panels that our members will join:

“Overcoming Fragility: The Development Challenge of our time”

-Danilo Türk, former President of Slovenia

-Joyce Banda, former President of Malawi

“Extractive Industries and Violent Conflict”

-Carlos Mesa, former President of Bolivia (tbc)

“Advancing Peace and Stability: Managing Water Security”

-Danilo Turk, former President of Slovenia, Head of High Level Panel on Water and Peace

“Innovations in Bridging Peace and Development: The New Women, Peace and Security Index”

-Joyce Banda, President of Malawi   (tbc)

While at Washington DC, our members Carlos Mesa and Danilo Türk will also join the Organization Search for Common Ground in the event “Human Rights and the Environment: A Discussion with Two Global Leaders”. Always from a Shared Societies perspective, we will discuss how can countries best protect environmental rights and indigenous rights.

The mission will then move to New York, to the United Nations, where our members, together with the Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN, will hold the event “An Inclusive Approach to Migration Management: The Way Forward to the Global Compact”, seeking to spread the message of the Shared Societies initiative and contribute to the negotiations of a Global Compact for Migration with its inclusive approach.

We will make the most of our time in New York by also holding an event on the recent launch of the World Bank/United Nations joint report Pathways for Peace. Club de Madrid has contributed to the findings of the report and therefore our members will discuss them at the Quaker House. This will give relevance to this important publication and bring it to the attention of the permanent representatives at the UN.